Why to go?

Yakutia is the biggest region of Russia, the land of snow, tundra and reindeers.
This region is called as a treasury of Russia for a reason: there are a lot of diamond mining places and gold deposits around the land. It is famous for northern lights, well-preserved mammoth and other ancient animals’ remains, stroganina, traditional New Year holiday Yhyakh, rare animals that are included to the Red List in «Orto-Doydu» Zoo, Kuluur Watefalls and legendary Labynkyr Lake.

Must see

Lena Pillars

Lena Pillars represent giant cliffs along the banks of the Lena River. As well as they are very beautiful there were also found rock drawings and Ancient Turkic runes and prehistoric blast furnaces where ancient people (Chingiskhan’s decents) melted out their iron knives and arrowheads.

The Kimberley mine «Mir»

The biggest diamond quarry was founded in the fifties. It has a shape as a crater, its depth is about 500 m and the diameter on the ground is about 1 km. The diamonds have been minded there since 2000 for total cost 17 billion dollars.

Kingdom of Permafrost

There are several rooms, arches and corridors. Everything is made from ice here including: animal figures, people sculptures, furniture, dining utensils and jewelry. There is also a collection of mammoth and other animal’s remains.

Chyskhaan’s Ice bar

Chyskhaan is a name of a local spirit of cold and his bar is a cave where the temperature is never go above 5 degrees below zero. They serve vodka in carved from ice glasses and raw frozen fish – stroganina.

Historical and Local History Museum

It is a great museum with a tremendous scientific base, different kinds of traditional weapon of ancient Yakut people, classic Yakut costume and typically: mammoth, arctic foxes, gold and brilliants.

Diamond production

If you want to feel the real industrial romanticism, you may want to visit the Diamond factory and its modern electric cutters. The finished diamonds are worth of seeing too.

The Kisilyah Mountains

The Kisilyah Mountains could be truly called as Russian Stonehenge: they are unique cliffs that can be confused from the distance with people’s silhouettes. It’s hard to believe that these shapes were made by nature. This territory is still sacred for the local people.

Horse farm

Yakut people are keen on breed horses and they would love to show tourists the animals. The horses live outdoor year-round, that’s why they are very nice: short, plump, hairy, very kind but independent.