Bashkiriya is the part of the South Urals with its capital Ufa. 

Why to go?

Bashkiria is the part of the South Urals with its capital Ufa. It is a land with a unique natural landscape, historical monuments, a multinational population and centuries-old cultural traditions. There are more than 300 karst caves, 600 rivers, 1000 lakes, many mountain ranges, 3 state reserves and a national natural park. More than 4,500 monuments of history and culture are located here. Ufa remembers one of the most famous Russian tsars Ivan IV. There are lots of wonderful and truly interesting places that may pleasantly surprise each and every one.

Must see

The National Park «Bashkiria»

The National Park "Bashkiria" is a perfect place for nature lovers. Tourists are beckoned by picturesque forests, fast rivers, and mysterious caves. Every year the territory of the park is visited by thousands of people. The most attractive places for tourists are the Belaya River and the Nugush River, the Nugushskoye Reservoir and the Yumaguzinskoye Reservoir.

The Bashkir Drama Academic Theater named after M. Gafuri

The main source of inspiration for the collective of the theater is the work of the national poet of Bashkortostan Musta Karim.


Sport complex "Kandrykul" is located in a picturesque corner on the bank of the lake of the same name - the second largest in Bashkortostan. Pristine nature and pristine air attract plenty of tourists here, making Kandrykul one of the most popular places for recreation.


The mosque-madrasah “Lyalya-Tulip” is located in the northern part of the capital of Bashkiriya – Ufa. Even though it isn’t in the center of the city, you still can see these two high white mosque minarets, crowned with red tulip buds (the reason of the mosque name), almost from its every part.

The Salavat Ulaev Monument

Postcards and magnets with the image of this monument are the most popular among Ufa guests. And it is not surprising: the national hero of Bashkiria, immortalized in stone, is the business card of the city.

Akhunovo village

Bashkir Stonehenge is another name for a small village Akhunovo, which is located in the Uchalinsky district. It used to be a border post on the border with Russia, but the world spoke of Akhunovo only in the late 20th: the oldest observatory was opened here.

The Bashkir State Philharmonic

The Philharmonic was founded in 1939 and for more than 70 years collects different musical art fans under its roof. Many famous pianists performed here at different times.

The Bashkir Nature Reserve

The Bashkir State nature Reserve is a territory protected at the federal level. It was founded in 1930 to preserve and study the natural complex, which was formed at the junction of two continents - Europe and Asia. The whole territory is covered with outstanding forests and unique plants.

Iremel Mountain

Iremele Mountain is the second highest mountain of Russia. All kinds of active leisure are available on Iremele: horse-back riding, hiking, ski trips, rafting, snowmobile trips, ski slopes. Snow does not melt on the tops of the mountain until June. People believe that bathing in the streams flowing from the mountain, relieves fatigue and charges energy.

The Monument of Friendship

The monument Of Friendship is a symbol of the peaceful joint residence of the Russian and Bashkir peoples for centuries. The first stone of the sculpture was laid in honor of the 400th anniversary of the voluntary entry of Bashkiria into Russia.