World-known Krasnoyarsk Stolby is a nature reserve, which has no analogues on the whole planet. Majestic outliers of mighty rocks, that came to the Earth’s surface about 400 thousand years ago, with natural viewing platforms and ledges for sports exercises, landscapes of the evergreen taiga sea with strokes of peculiar brown colour of stone, overgrown with moss, captivating feeling of harmony and freedom that gave birth to the social phenomenon, which managed to survive through many generations, are unique and given to the humans by the Creator. From way back the Stolby territory was a trade-hunting area. This is proved by the names of the popular Laletin path and the river of the same name; in XVIII century in the mouth of the river there was a hunting estate belonging to Cossack Laletin, as well as “numeric” names of the rocks, inflows of the river and other objects.