Kamtchatka is the most distant post of Russia. Bears, savage nature and numerous volcanos.
But tourists have to book helicopters to get to the volcanos. Wt have regular groups that you can join. 

Why to go?

Kamchatka is the most distant part of Russia.
Bears, savage nature and numerous volcanos – it’s all about Kamchatka. Even though tourists have to book helicopters to get to the volcanos, we have regular groups that you can join.

Must see

Valley of geysers

This valley is famous for its active geysers. The tour to Valley of geysers usually goes by helicopter. Tourists are landed near hot springs in the Uzon volcano’s caldera and can even swim in the healing waters of the hot springs.

Klyuchevskaya Sopka Volcano

This beautiful volcano, which depth is about 350 m, is still active. The last time that it erupted was only 2 years ago. The scenery here is just amazing!

Avachinskaya Sopka Volcano

Avachinskaya Sopka volcano is located in the south part of the East Ridge. The height of this active volcano is about 2700 m and totally worth seeing it. The whole territory is covered with cedar and birches.

Mutnovskiy Volcano
The ascent to Mutnovskiy Volcano is not very long and difficult what makes it available for everyone. On your way you may see gorgeous glaciers, mountain slopes covered with extraordinary flowers, the Canyon with high waterfall, Vilyuchinkiy Pass and orange-red Martian landscape – basically everything that makes Kamchatka so famous among tourists.

Karymskaya Sopka Volcano
This stunning volcano is located in the south part of the East Ridge and 1500 m high. As for the other volcanos in Kamchatka the valley around it is outstanding.

Kronotskiy Biosphere Reserve
Kronotskiy Biosphere Reserve is the best place to visit if you are travelling with a whole family. The number of animals that live here is huge: brown bears, wild reindeers, beavers and foxes, martens and sables, snow leopards, lynxes, moose and squirrels. The reserve can pleasantly surprise you with its ecologically pure environment.

Kuril Lake
If you’re brave enough and want to see brown bears only a couple of meters away from you it is necessary to visit this lake. During the special season it is possible to meet hundreds of them. There are popular hot springs and Ksudach volcano near the lake too.