Why to go?

Sakhalin is the biggest island of Russia. The territory is covered with fir forests, lots of rivers, waterfalls and volcanos. There are numerous nature reserves and natural monuments too. Interesting fact: there is a place here that’s called “the Edge of the Earth” which is very popular to visit. Another popular place is Sakhalin local history museum where you can see multiple archeological, historical and paleontological exhibits.
The island is famous for its diverse flora, rare birds, animals and fish.

Must see

Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ

This Cathedral is considered as an orthodox center of the city. In addition to the look of the building is so delightful; there is also an ark with Nicholas of Japan’s holy relic in the altar.

Cape Velican and Cape Ptichiy

These two beautiful capes are located on the East coast of the Sakhalin Island. High winds and sea waves have created this whole composition of wonderful caves, where lots of birds live. It is a perfect place for a quite stroll down the Okhotsk Sea.

Lake Busse

Lake Busse is a unique place, where lots of sea creatures inhabit. Especially there are a lot of huge oysters that you can not only see but even collect and try their taste later.

Sakhalin local history museum

The modern collection of the museum includes over 170 thousand exhibits of flora and fauna, the history of the island and Sakhakinsk development. It also has the collection of Japanese Karafuto’s governorship, antique traditional artifacts of Nivkh people. It should be noted that there is a former Japanese school building in the territory of the museum.

History museum of Sakhalin Railway Station
The very first train is located here, which communication between trains in single-track zones is carried out.

Literary and art museum of Chekhov’s book

Chekhov’s book museum is also located in Sakhalin. It has started its work in 1989 and now is a member of Sakhalin Museum Association. There you can learn about the life of famous Russian writer Anton Chekhov and his work. Different temporary exhibitions take place on the second floor of the building.