Why to go? It is a wonderful Siberian city. It is the city of universities. They say there are more students in Tomsk than citizens.To observe great view of Tom river from the high embankment. To learn the history of Siberia populating. To watch unusual monuments
Must see
History Museum and Fire Tower
Tomsk History Museum is situated in the building of 1859 year. This museum has a wealth of material about Siberia populating and unique articles concerning live and work of Siberian people in the XVII th century. Near the museum tourists can visit former Fire Tower with observation deck and the figure of firefighter Afanisiy.
Camp Garden Park
This park is situated on the high bank of Tom river and covers 40 ha. In the beginning of the XXth century scientists suggested to make an open-air museum in the park as here were found Scythians’ burials and rest stop of primitive people of Paleolithic era with mammoth remains. Unfortunately, the initiative was not supported and some articles were brought to the museum others destroyed. Now, this place is still interesting to the students and geologists as it is like “open book” of the Earth geology. For common people Camp garden is a nice place to walk, to feed squirrels and to enjoy the great view from the high embankment.          
Tomsk State University is the first Russian university in Siberia. It was founded in 1878 and opened in 1888 with the only Medical Faculty. Nowadays university consists of 22 faculties. A scientific library and the famous botanical garden are the University’s Pride.
Tomsk Polytechnic Institute is one of the oldest higher technical education institutions in Asia part of Russia. It was founded in 1896 and opened in 1900. In our time, it is the real university town with 260 thousand m2 of laboratories and classes, 14 student residential complexes and the modern science and technology library.
Many unusual monuments
We will mention just some of them. Monument to the happiness. Chekhov monument. Pregnant woman monument. Monument to Cabbage. Wooden ruble monument. Students’ monument. Fan statue. Monument to Slippers. Uncle Kolya, police officer, monument. Moreover, many other.