Why to go? Nizhny Novgorod is the capital of Great Volga river. It is the city of science and culture, classics and modernity. Here epochs and events of the whole Russian history get together. It is the city of Koulibin, Gorky, Lobachevsky, Dobrolyubov, Melnikov-Pecherskiy. The biggest fair of Russia was held here and its buildings remained until nowadays. It is the city of arts and crafts: woodworking, metalworking, bone carving, stone cutting, weaving, pottery craft, basket weaving etc.

Must see

Nizhny Novgorod’s most famous attraction is the Kremlin: a unique building incorporating both medieval fortification walls and towers and classic 19th century architecture. Erected as one of the finest achievements of military art of its day, it has survived numerous sieges and was never captured by an enemy. The Kremlin originally had 14 towers but only 12 have survived until present days. After a restoration in 2013 the thirteenth, Zachatyevskaya tower, has opened. In summertime, one can walk along the fortification wall and admire beautiful views of the Volga river and the confluence of the Volga and the Oka.

Chkalov staircase
Chkalov (or Volga) staircase construction resembles the form of number “8” and consists of 560 stairs. It connects upper and lower embankment of Volga river. The staircase starts from the observation deck with Chkalov monument in the middle and leads down to the monument of the ship “Hero”. Chkalov staircase is considered the longest staircase in Russia. It often holds sport competitions mostly races.

Cableway goes above Volga river and joins Nizhniy Novgorod with town Bor. The length of the cableway is 3361 meter with difference in altitude - 62 meters. It was opened in February 2012 as the alternative way of public transportation between two cities. Now the cableway attracts many tourists as it gives opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of the territory.

Gallery of Florisk mosaic "Yurkovka"

Florian mosaic is a unique technique of creating paintings only with the help of glue and plant materials (pieces of leaves of trees, blades of grass, nutshell, etc.). This technique was invented by Alexander Nikolaevich Yurkov, whose works are exhibited in the memorial gallery "Yurkovka". (duration 1 hour)

Nijny Novgorod 1 day

Arrive to Nizhny Novgorod. Meeting with a guide. Breakfast. Excursion "Interesting Nizhny" + Kremlin bus and pedestrian (tour duration 3 hours)

Free time for self inspection and photos. Lunch in cafe. Visit Gallery of Florisk mosaic "Yurkovka" (1 hour). Excursion to the Rukavishnikov estate (1 hour)

Free time in the center Transfer to railway station

Group 20 pax, price per person from 80 eur

Included: transport service, guide,entrance tickets, meals according to the programaccommodation