Why to go? It is the city of science. It is the third city in Russia by population. It is a young city that played a valued role in the history of Russia. It has the biggest water park and one of the biggest Zoo in Russia.

Must see

Academgorodok is one of the most important centers of science and education in Russia. Within its territory, there are dozens of Research Institutes, Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Science, Novosibirsk State University and Maths School. It is known as “Siberian Silicon Valley” due to fantastic concentration of companies specialized in computer software and hardware.

Bridges of Novosibirsk
Oktyabrskiy (Communal) Bridge was opened in October 1955 and became the first auto-tram-pedestrian bridge across the Ob River. It consists of seven 128-meters long bridge spans.
Dimitrovskiy Bridge was opened in November 1978. Its roadway length is 701 m, width 30 m. The elements of the bridge didn’t have screws, they were all-welded.
Bugrinskiy Bridge is the automobile bridge, the third across the Ob, and was opened in October 2014. It has the unique netting arch that worth seeing. It is 70m high and 380m.
The Metro Bridge was opened in January 1986 and became the longest covered bridge in the world. It joins two underground stations and its length is 2145m including 896m above river.

Novosibirsk Zoo named after Rostislav Shilo (its director since 1969) – is one of biggest in Russia. Its territory is 63 ha and it contains about 11 000 animals of 756 species. More than 350 are listed in the Red Book. The Zoo staff, that can be called the collective of enthusiasts, made and continue making great scientific work of saving rare species of the Earth.  Tourists can easily spend the whole day walking along vast aviaries and territories of the Zoo.

The square of Glory
It is the complex of memorials devoted to the input of Siberian people to the Great Patriotic war (1941-45). Now the square of Glory is the most well maintained park in Novosibirsk with the territory of about 2 ha. There tourists can see: alley with military equipment of that war period, square of Triumph and behind it square of Grief and Sorrow with grieving mother statue and an eternal flame, the Monument of Front and Rear Unity – it is 18 meters high sword, St. George Chapel and other.

Opera and Ballet Theater
It is one of the biggest theater buildings in Russia. It worth seeing the interior of opera and Ballet Theater with adjacent square with Lenin and other statues.