Why to go? Baikal is the worlds’ largest and deepest fresh water lake. Baikal is the world’s oldest lake and one of the clearest. Magnificent views. Decembrists’ history.

Must see

City tour with Decembrists’ museum

Irkutsk is an old Siberian city which monuments date back to the XVIII century. The historical sights of architectural ensemble in the ancient part of the city are of great interest. They include: Church of the Saviour (1706 year), the most beautiful Epiphany Cathedral (1718 year), Polish Catholic Church, the Memorial complex “Eternal flame” and Russian-Japan Friendship Monument. Besides all these and some other interesting sightseeing we are going to visit Regional Historic Memorial Decembrists’ museum. Its exposition locates in two manor houses of Decembrists’ families and tells us about the life of many Decembrists’ families in Siberia. Collection consists of memorial articles that belonged to the Decembrists: furniture, musical instruments, beads embroideries by Maria Volkonsky, fingerings made of iron shackles etc.

Architectural-ethnographic museum Talsi

Talsi is an open-air museum that contains unique collection of historical, architectural and ethnical monuments of XVII-XX centuries. You’ll definitely enjoy watching 4 exhibit areas of Russian, Buryat, Evenk and Tofa wooden houses, cattle camps, burial places, schools, watermills etc. More than 20 thousand exhibits introduces you the peculiarities of Baikal aboriginal people beliefs and their way of life.    


Listvyanka is a charming village on the Baikal shore, a perfect place to explore this picturesque region. The main trade of the people here have always been hunting and fishing; for now – tourism as well. We’ll have an opportunity to go to fish and souvenir market. During our excursion we visit Limnological museum or museum of Baikal where you will learn much about the origin of the lake, historical investigations, the surrounding area (flora and fauna, maps, the samples of rock and minerals). On the road to Listvyanka there's Shaman-rock, sneaking out of Angara river, it is considered to be a sacred stone. In Summer time foot-walk along the shore of Baikal and a path through the hills is very nice.