Why to go?

Tobolsk is one of the most valuable old towns of Siberia. It is a city of ancient temples and rich history, a city that is called the "spiritual capital" of Siberia.

Must see

The Tobolsk Kremlin

The Tobolsk kremlin is not only the first stone kremlin in Siberia: it is a unique complex of historical monuments. Tobolsk was founded at the walls of this white-stone fortress, and not only Tobolsk – the entire Russian Siberia. It is the most famous place to visit in the town.

The Alexandrov Garden

In 1837 Tobolsk was visited by future Russian imperator Alexander II. After his death, people from Tobolsk decided to build a chapel and a garden near the place he stayed in his honor.

The Dostoevsky Monument

A monument dedicated to famous Russian writer Dostoevsky also located in Tobolsk. He was in exile here and spent couple of days in the Tobolsk prison.

Tourist Complex Abalak

There is a tiny village near Tobolsk called Abalak. It is located in the Tyumen region, and is famous because of two interesting facts: the Abalak male monastery and a small tourist complex near it. This village is very ancient: it appeared on this place even before the lands began to be settled by Russians.

The Viceloy Palace

The Viceloy Palace is basically a main museum complexof the Tobolsk Kremlin. You may see Catherine’s II throne and learn about history of Siberia. There is also a café “Dvortsovaya Pryanichnaya” on the first floor of the building, where you may try Siberian sweets.

The Prison Castle

Here in the Prison Castle you can feel the atmosphere of a real ancient Russian prison. Among the prisoners of this abandoned prison there were a lot of famous Russian writers, politics and others. People say that there have never been any escapers since the opening. If you’re brave enough you can try to stay here for the whole night: there is a hostel in a building with working A/C and Wi-Fi.


Day 1 Arrive to Tobolsk. Transfer to hotel. Check in. City tour of Tobolsk, Kremlin. Governor’s House, Museum of the Family of Nicholas II. Lunch. Visiting the museum Palace of the governor. Abalaksky monastery and tourist complex Abalak. Dinner in Abalak. Night in wooden rooms in Abalak

Group 20 pax, price per person from 140 eur