The popular Russian drink is well known around the world. There are several types of vodka in Russia: vodka made from rye, vodka made from wheat, vodka made  from fir apple, vodka with lemon, vodka with herbals, vodka with pepper, vodka with berries etc. When you are planning your trip in winter, vodka degustation is guaranteed!

Who did investigate vodka? There are several theories who created the vodka firstly! There is a theory that firstly it was made by the Persian doctor Ar-Razi in the 11 century! There is another theory that firstly it was made in the 8 century by Arab alchemists!

Another theory tells that vodka (spirt) was created in France (Provance) in 1334 by Arnold Villnev. Vodka came to Russia only in the XIV-XV century. Vodka was brought by Genoese merchants in 1386 as a gift for knyaz Dmitrij Donskoj. But also there is a theory that Mendeleev create the formula of Russian vodka.

Usually when people drink vodka they tell some toasts, for example:

Za znakomstvo! Na zdorovje! Na pososhok!


  • After drinking vodka you should eat something (zakusit). Traditionally people eat mushrooms or cucumbers 
  • If you want check is it original vodka or not shake it up! If there are big bubbles – it is a bad vodka. If there are a line of pearl bubbles – it is a high-quality drink