The history of brand trains at Russian Railways goes back to more than 80 years. To May 10, 1931, to be precise, when the Company set off the first branded train "Strela" (Arrow) on its maiden journey.
Nowadays, our branded trains offer a high standard of service, design, comfort and additional services.
Each train is decorated in a unique style reflected both in its exterior and in its interior design. And each has its unique name displayed on the side of the carriage or on the route indicator. Most trains are air-conditioned and have electric heating and TVs. Some also have Internet connections and cable television.
Examples of brand trains:
002M/001M, “RUSSIA”, Moscow-Vladivostok.
For the first time, the train departed from Moscow in September 1966. Now it goes back and forth on the longest passenger railway route in the world – 9 228 km. The train “Russia” crosses 18 regions, 16 major rivers and 6 time zones. Its travel time is 144h 10 min from Moscow until Vladivostok and 145h 59 min Vladivostok-Moscow. It departs every other day all year round.                              
055/056, “YENISEI”, Krasnoyarsk-Moscow.
The fast brand train “Yenisei” made its first trip in December 1993. It was named after one of the greatest rivers in Siberia. Its route is 3 955 km and crosses 4 time zones. The trip Krasnoyarsk-Moscow takes 62h 51 min and Moscow-Krasnoyarsk – 62h 22 min.  
071/072, “DEMIDOV’S EXPRESS”, Yekaterinburg-St. Petersburg.
The train was launched on the occasions of 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, 280th anniversary of Yekaterinburg and 125-years of Sverdlovsk region Railway. In 2006 year, it was awarded as the best brand train of Russian Railway. The travel time Yekaterinburg-St. Petersburg is 35h 46 min and way back – 35h 23 min.
008A/007A, “MOSCOW-ST.PETERSBURG”, double-decker train.
It is a new brand train that started to shuttle on February 2016. The train has comfortable timetable, it departures at 21:50 and arrives at 06:06.
Each branded train also offers a range of additional paid services.