Why to go? Taste the real Russian Far East, bright, diverse and modern!

Must see

Sightseeing tour along Khabarovsk

The Amur River Embankment, the Khabarovsk City Ponds, the Glory Square, the Dormition Cathedral of Khabarovsk, the Signs of Zodiac. You will visit the most beloved places of Khabarovsk’s citizens: main squares, famous city ponds; admire the beauty of the great Amur River and learn a lot about its history, development, architecture, cultural monuments and attractions.

The Khabarovsk Bridge and its Museum (in warm seasons) with taking a photo on the truss of the bridge

The Khabarovsk Bridge is a calling card of the city and the most famous place in Russia. After all, the Amur Bridge is printed on a 5000-ruble banknote. The Khabarovsk Bridge Museum is dedicated to the construction and reconstruction of the bridge. In the museum you will see railway equipment and the main exhibit of the museum - the truss of the “tsar's” bridge dismantled during the reconstruction.

Boat trip on the Amur River

If you come to Khabarovsk, you need to take a boat trip along the Amur River and the city. From the river you can not only admire the city and its life, but also get to the famous Khabarovsk Bridge, a calling card of Khabarovsk.

Cooking master class of vareniki, pelmeni and borsh

Russian soul can be known only by tasting Russian cuisine. Russian cuisine has evolved over many centuries and enriched by borrowing from the culinary traditions of other nations. Try to cook yourself on our master class the most popular Russian dish - borsch: hearty, flavored and incredibly delicious soup. You can cook pelmeni or vareniki, which are made from dough, formed into small pieces with a filling: potatoes, cabbage, cottage cheese are usually stuffed to vareniki, and meat is stuffed to pelmeni.

Barbecue with a Russian family in a country house

Barbecue in Russia is a family dinner in the open air, a wonderful day of rest and an opportunity to invite friends and treat them to cooked on fire tastings. Join the wonderful tradition of Russian families!

Russian coffee making master class

During the master class, you will gain practical knowledge about one of the most ancient methods of coffee making, using original recipes that you can easily repeat at home.

The world of talking machines

This museum can be called unique because it was based on the private collection of the Veretennikov family, which presents musical equipment, talking machines made from 1880 to 1980. During the excursion you will learn about the history of the recording of the first talking machines, the history of the creation of the record and the gramophone.


Zaimka is a popular and an ideal place for summer holidays of Khabarovsk people. On the territory of the recreation center, you can walk along the beach and admire the Amur River, rent rollers, bicycles, a boat, play volleyball, tennis, mini-golf and have a barbecue in a summer house.

Trip to Volochaevskaya hill

One of the decisive battles of the civil war in the Far East was on the Volochaevskaya hill. The civil war was one of the brightest and instructive periods in the history of the heroic struggle of the Soviet people for the freedom and independence of their socialist homeland. The guide will share with you different facts from the history of this event.

Far Eastern Zoo

On the way to the zoo and back you will hear information about the nature, animals and plants of the Khabarovsk Krai, as well as interesting stories and tales about some Far Eastern animals.

During the tour you will meet the inhabitants of the zoo: brown bears, Himalayan bears, reindeer, badgers, wild cats, lynx, wolves, foxes, squirrels and rapacious birds.

Bolshekhehtsirsky reserve

More than 50 species of mammals and 220 species of birds live in forests of the Bolshekhekhtsirsky Reserve. A small population of Amur tigers, Himalayan bears, black storks will make you think that the reserve is a real gift of the nature. After an excursion in the museum of the Bolshekhekhtsirsky Reserve, you will go hiking along the ecological trail - a part of the reserve where people are allowed to walk.

Dog sledding - Excursion to the village of northern sled dogs

You will visit an enclosure of the northern sled dogs; learn about their life, special gear and equipment. In addition, sightseers will learn to harness and sled two dogs.

Russian Folklore Concert

Folklore is an eternal value that never becomes obsolete.

Our folk ensembles and groups will surprise even the most discerning audience. Beautiful girls in sundresses, soulful melodies, funny dances ... Balalaika, accordion, ditties, dancing in squatting – do you really need a lot for real fun?

Visiting a children's ballet school

Learn about the process from the inside and try to stand up to a ballet barre and master basic ballet positions and choreographic moves.

Grodekov Museum

The museum presents exhibitions on paleontology and geology of the Amur Region, the flora and fauna of the Far East, fish of the Amur basin, the culture of the indigenous population of the Amur region and Slavic immigrants, the history of the Russian Far East development, the events of the Civil War in the Far East of 1917-1922. Temporary exhibitions are held regularly. An experienced guide will tell you the story of each exhibit. Be sure that these stories will not leave you indifferent.

One-day fishing tour

Real Russian men spend their free time fishing. Try to catch carp, crucian carp, grayling and other inhabitants of the Khabarovsk basin. Try the role of a Russian fisherman!

Visiting a Nanai family and excursion to the Petroglyphs

You will touch the centuries-old history and learn the legends of the Nanai people. The Nanai village of Sikachi-Alyan still keeps legends and their incarnations - petroglyphs. These are old drawings on basalt stones which are about 4-12 thousand years. People began to create them more than 3,000 years ago, so we might say that Amur petroglyphs are the same age as the Egyptian pyramids. You will have a folk style meeting, a ceremony of purification, and a photo session in traditional nanai costumes; visit a family museum during which you will learn about the culture of the Amur region people, cook and taste a nanai national dish of raw fish.

Museum of the Cossacks and the monastery

We invite you to get acquainted with the culture of the Amur Cossacks, the first Russian settlers of the Far East. You will visit a unique underground male monastery; hear its history, as well as stories about the fate of people who are associated with this amazing place.

St. Peter and Paul Monastery

Women's Peter and Paul Monastery is an island of peace and beauty on the outskirts of the village of Petropavlovka. A nun will conduct a fascinating tour of the territory of the monastery and the temple, and tell stories about the life and rules in the monastery.

Lotus Lake

Lotus Lake is truly unique and gorgeous place. This day will be unforgettable because this trip to the lake will not only help you relax, take photos of beautiful landscapes, but also give you new knowledge. In many countries, the lotus is considered a sacred plant, so it is one of the wonders of the Khabarovsk Krai.

Russian culture center

Imagine that you are in a classic Old Russian fairy tale. There are an age-old Russian hut - izba, samovars and other paraphernalia, which give warmth and coziness. Guests will make handmade traditional Russian toys and become acquainted with Russian culture.