Why to go? Tigers, lotuses and birds region. Legendary Submarine S-56. Oceanarium!

Must see

City tour and Submarine memorial

City tour around the historical places of Vladivostok invites you to see the best views and sights, famous streets and monuments: the house of the first citizen, the first theater “Gold Horn”, the oldest trade center “Kunst und Albers” and surely the S-56 Submarine. It is the part of the memorial devoted to the Pacific Fleet of the World War II. Tourists can see the heroic Submarine from inside getting through the hatch to the central post and nose section where everything is like it used to be during the war. Here you can also learn the history of the Russian Submarines.

Tigers’ nursery

We visit a research nursery (230km) where you can observe the life of a tiger family that lives there in the open-air. You’ll learn much about the habits and peculiarities of these animals and will also see many other animals typical to this region.


Oceanarium is the marine museum exhibiting the aqua flora and fauna of the Pacific Ocean, warm tropical seas, lakes and rivers of Far East, Africa and Amazonia. In the museum there are three big halls of 1500 m2 and its collection consist of more than 1000 exhibits, such as seashells, corrals, sponges, fishes etc. The most unique samples are albino-kalan embryo and skull of Steller’s sea cow. About 120 species of marine creatures are kept in the aquariums of the museum.

Ussuriisk State Nature Reserve

Ussuriisk State Nature Reserve is 2 hours by car from Vladivostok on the southern slope of Przhevalsky Mountain. Here are no high mountains or rapid stream rivers. Reserve’s treasure is liana conifer-broadleaved forest that practically disappeared on the territory of Russia and adjacent countries Far East.

Flora and fauna include unique species of plants and animals registered in the Red Data Book of Russia such as Siberian Tiger, Ussuri wild cat, Amur Leopard, Mandarin Duck, Black Stork, Callipogon Relictus and many others.

Museum of the Vladivostok Fortress

The museum of unique Vladivostok's underground marine fortress, constructed at the end of the 19th- the beginning of 20th centuries. Vladivostok Fortress had been built for 40 years and was one of the best and largest fortresses in the world. The museum is located in Bezymyannaya Battery - one of fortress's batteries, built in 1872.

On the territory of museum there are an exhibition of the guns used in the Coast Defense of the Pacific Navy in 1930-es - 1990-es and the samples of guns and construction equipment of Vladivostok Fortress. There is also an exhibition dedicated different periods of Vladivostok Fortress and Vladovostok Naval Defense Region located in the bunkers of the battery.

The Automotive Antiques Museum 

The historical-technical Automotive Antiques Museum in Vladivostok was the only museum of its kind in Russia, registered at the Russian Museum League until 01.01.2002. The unique collection of Russian and foreign vehicles. The museum has a unique collection Russian and foreign automobile and motorbike 20-70-o years XX Centuries into which enters over fifty ancient automobiles and motorcycles of various marks. In an exposition of the Museum photos and documents on history avtomototehniki are submitted, there is a thematic library, a videoshop, a lecture hall. In a museum you can see such unique curiosities, as the first Soviet automobiles of GAS and GAS - AA, "Kurogan - the Black medal" and set of others, and also motorcycles E-300, "Red October", TIZ-AM 600, a Harley - Davidson WLA 42 SOLO, Indian 741A and many others.

Russky Island Tour, excursion of Voroshilovskaya Battery
This tour will take you to Russky Island, which used to be a top-secret military base that served as a shield for the naval port in Vladivostok for years. Only in 1995, after losing most of its defence significance it became open for civilian visitors. Now the island has a growing popularity as a summer beach resort. You will visit the Voroshilovskaya Battery situated on the territory of an actual military base. You cannot help but admire this outstanding structure erected over 80 years ago, its complex mechanisms, rational organization and efficient functioning.