Why to go? To see the Omsk fortress.To visit Dostoevsky museum. To go sailing along Irtysh or Om rivers.

Must see

Omsk fortress

The first Omsk fortress was built in 1716 year. Then by the order of Catherine the II there was built a better fortress, which aim was to protect silver melting factories and strengthen Siberian borders. It was surrounded by earthen berm and moat with 4 stone gates: Omskiye, Tarskiye, Tobolskiye and Irtyshskiye. Now only Tobolskiye vorota (gates) remained authentic; others have been rebuilt after full destruction. Also, on the territory of the fortress some buildings of 18-19 century remained till nowadays. The main population of the fortress were soldiers and convicts. One of the most famous convicts was Dostoevsky. The outstanding Russian writer spent 4 years in jail and now there is a museum of his name.         

Lyubinskiy avenue

Lyubinskiy avenue is one of the favourite place for Omsk citizens and after renovation it became very nice. People call the street in the memory of Lyubov Gasford, she died young but her responsiveness and modesty were deeply evaluated by locals. On the avenue, one can find the statue of this pretty young lady and opposite her another symbol of Omsk the monument to locksmith Stepanych.