Russia is rich in nature, splendid forests and views. Enjoy to make trekking tours with us. 

The Great Ural Ring

Day 1.Arrival, meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel with guide, dinner

Day 2. City tour 2 hours, Europe-Asia border line 30 minutes stop, and we move to Kungur city (230 km) to see the Kungur ice cave most visited in Russia and located in the Urals (48 grottos, 70 lakes)/ Underground walk in the cave (1,5-2 hours), 10-15 meters deep, 1,5 km length

Day 3. We move to the north west of the Urals to Perm through the White Mountain monastery. 40 km and 2 hours stay at the monastery to climb up the hill (700 meters high) to discover the view on Ural taiga.80 km – we move to Perm. Lunch, city tour - Dyaguilev house and museum (great founder of Russian ballet school, he lived in Perm)

Day 4. Solikamsk sity, 184 km north, short city tour, lunch and we move norther to see real Urals The route takes us 86 km to the north, to Krasnovishersk city. Here we start our trekking

Day 5. Briefing before departure.Vetlan mountain is 100 meters high. To reach up the top we surmount 700 stairs. To have a walk through mountains minimal 2 hours. Picnic and overnight at Vishera hotel. The mountain is located at 8 km from the city

Day 6. Polyud mointain is 500 meters high. We walk 7 km one way to get the mountain. And we also cross small rivers on boat with a help of locals. Overnight at local camp. Russian baths

Day 7. We cross Ural mountain to leave Western side and to reach Eastern site 238 km drive. Arrival to Gornozavodsk, stay at hotel. Rest before next travel point

Day 8. Stone city reserve. All day. 500 meters high

Day 9. Camp site Ust-Koyva. Cave Tchudesnitca, 12 km walk, 500 m - length of the cave. All day

Day 10. Camp Ust-Koyva, climbing up two local mountains – each 60 meters high

Day 11. Direct route to Yekaterinburg, 250 km one way

Price per person 1 564 Euro (12 pax), 1 667 Euro - 10 pax, 1 833 Euro - 8 pax

Included: accomodation, meals, entrance tickets, equipement, guide, intepreter, transportation