Far East is the extreme east parts of Russia, between Lake Baikal in Eastern Siberia and the Pacific Ocean. It borders with the Siberian Federal District in the west.

The territory of Russian Far East Area is 3 million 378.5 thousand km ², it is almost 25% of the entire territory of Russian Federation.

Here you can find the amazing nature that has been preserves in its original form. Monuments in these places created by nature itself. "Never, even very early in the spring, you will not see in France such bright greens and various shades" - wrote about the Far East in his travel diary traveler and explorer Jean Francois de La Perouse Galo.


Winters in Vladivostok are usually dry and windy, with occasional snowfalls. Temperatures may vary from -25°C to +3 °C.

The first part of summer is characterized by heavy fogs (especially in the mornings), drizzles and rains. But the weather is quite unstable – a period of good sunny weather may be followed by a week of rains. The best time begins in mid July - August, the  temperature is  +25-28°C.

Main cities

Vladivostok, Khabarovsk

How to get by train

  • To Vladivostok train 002 Moscow – Vladivostok (the duration of the trip is 143h 20 min) or train 008 Irkutsk – Vladivostok (the duration of the trip is 68h 50 min)
  • To Khabarovsk train 002 Irkutsk – Khabarovsk (the duration of the trip is 73h 40 min) or train 005 Vladivostok –  Khabarovsk (the duration of the trip is 11h 05 min)

How to get by air

Companies which fly to Vladivostok: Korean Airlines ,Vladivostok Airlines, Aeroflot, S7 and others.